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Making Use of Proxies The Right Way: Hiding Your True Identity Online

The ability to hide your identity online is what every Online Marketer and Netprenuer should know; especially newbies.

I will show you how to not just hide behind a proxy but to assume the identity of any country you want, so that even if you are browsing from Nigeria you would be seen as browsing from the US / UK or any country of your choosing.

This toolbox will show you how to do so easily using free means; and paid means as well; in hiding your online identity.

But, why would anyone ever think of hiding his / her identity online?

Well, a couple of reasons could be responsible for this.

For one, it will enable you to access blocked sites that you would otherwise not be able to access. Many merchants and businesses don’t want to do business with people from some countries or grant them access to their platforms, especially Nigeria.


Because the scam rate from these countries are high. For instance, Nigeria is regarded as a high-risk country to do business with over the internet. Using a proxy, an online identity hiding tool, enables you to access these sites as your IP becomes cloaked.


Yes, really cool!

This enables you to access your favorite sites and do business with foreign merchants that don’t accept your country, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Also, you might want to hide your identity for security reasons and prevent your system from being hacked or your sensitive information from being easily accessed.

In this book, we are concerned about hiding our IP to enable us do businesses online. There is nothing fraudulent or unethical with hiding your IP to do business online. I am saying this because of some very sensitive folks that will be reading this book and saying its scam oriented.

What would be wrong is for you to hide your IP in order to defraud some simple-minded persons.


Proxies: The Tools For Hiding Your IP

Every laptop you use for browsing has its own IP address, the Internet Protocol address. This is used for identifying that particular network / system online. It is unique to your computer, laptop or handset being used for surfing.

However, you could cloak it as we have seen, and the tools for cloaking them are known as proxies.

Proxies comes in different formats like free and dedicated ones, but my concern here is not to start a lecture on the various types of proxies, so I will just go on ahead and show you the main ones and how to use them.

In the previous edition of this book, Legitimate Online Business, I listed different kinds of proxies and yet some folks where still having issues on how to install and activate them.

With that in mind, am going to assume that you are totally ignorant and be using some visual pictures.



This is a software application that you download to your system. It can also be downloaded to your phone.

It’s really handy and simple to use, and a paid software. As at the time of writing this book, it costs $25.99 to get access to the software.

However, you need not pay for it as it comes with a trial period that you can cash in on, and then pay   later on when you totally cool with it.


hotspot shield

This one is really hot and widely used with more than 500 million downloads and counting. What’s so UNIQUE about this software is that it comes with a variety of options, meaning you can use it no matter your gadget or operating system.

It comes with a free download and elite premium option. The free version will do the job just that it comes with loads of adverts while the Elite Version comes with monthly payment or a onetime fee of $139.99 to own it for a lifetime as at when writing this report.

The Hot Spot Shield VPN is in my opinion the best option compared to Hide My IP software as it comes with a lot of more virtual locations, meaning that your choices are almost limitless; and in addition, has the option of a lifetime license, meaning pay once and own it forever.

To round up what I consider the best of the best Proxy and VPN softwares, I want to add a fantastic option that is free and doesn’t involve ads.

As a matter of fact, it is a browser just like Firefox, safari and chrome.


epic privacy browser

There are loads of privacy browsers around the web and I have used a couple of them, but epic privacy browser stands out from the crowd.

It seems more like a modification of chrome, is fast compared to other privacy browsers and is easy to install and use.

In their own words, Epic’s Encrypted Proxy is a free built-in VPN that protects your browsing history from your ISP & other data collectors and secures you on public Wi-Fi.

I have epic browser installed in all my laptops and computers. Yea, I use it that much and like it. Though I have Premium VPN services and softwares, this does often come really handy.


IP2LOCATION – Checking Your IP Before and After Activating a Proxy / VPN

ip2location 1


It is very important that you check your IP before and after you activate your VPN browser or software application.

This will let you know if you are doing things right or not, and ensure you browse away with even more confidence.

How do you know the IP address you are using?

How do you know if actually you have successfully activated your proxy app or browser?

A simple nifty tool called IP2LOCATION will help you with this. Just go to The screen shot below will show up. Scroll down and you will see the IP you are browsing from.

ip2location 2


It will show a Nigerian IP as well as the ISP you are using.


Now, let’s activate our VPN / proxy. We will use EPIC BROWSER for this.

When you first install your epic browser, this is what it will most probably look like. At this point, it’s VPN / proxy has not been activated. This can be verified by looking at the icon at the top right corner which will be red.

Red means the VPN service is INACTIVE. You can check it with and it will give you a screenshot similar to the one below, depending on the ISP you are using.

ip2location 3

This one is for Glo as seen below.

Now click on the red icon as seen on the screen shot  above and change it to ON. The icon will now change to Green meaning that the VPN / Proxy is now active. Select any country of your choice.

Refresh the page and check with ip2location once again, and you will see that it has been changed to that of a United States IP since that’s the country I choosed.

ip2location 4


Simple and easy…and right from your browser!

Browse away without fear and enjoy all those blocked sites.

OTHER VPN SERVICES and SOFTWARES you might want to check out:




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