making money from fiverr in nigeria

Making Money Online In Nigeria From Fiverr

There are loads of ways of making money online in Nigeria, and fiverr just happens to be one easy way of doing so; that is if you know how to go about it. Some marketers are saying that it’s a waste of time to bank on fiverr, but this is just plain ignorance as there are many internet business people whose sole source of income happens to be from fiverr earns between $3,000 – $20, 000 monthly.

Crorkservice who offers SEO services in fiverr earns more than $1000 daily! You can check it up in

Aside this case, there are many people even within Nigeria that depend on fiverr as a major source of online income.

I have used fiverr to make some thousands of dollars online; just to prove to my students that this online income means is for real.

Also, I needed to be sure that if I am recommending a system, it sure does work.

I have opened several fiverr accounts, tweaked them in several ways and used several strategies to find out if fiverr really works. You know what my findings are?

Yes, fiverr does work and you can make $1000 monthly from this platform if you know what you are doing.

It might not be the greatest way of making money online, but if you are just starting out, it could really be encouraging and set you on a path to greater profit. Everyone who had a humble beginning online knows how important making those first few dollars could be; especially for the newbie. It gets to tell you that making money online is real.

Fiverr may not be the main source of income for many, including myself….not at all. Truth is, I used it to prove that making money online from Nigeria is not a big deal. I added an additional way of making money online to teach my students; and those I have taught the system are making money from it before moving on to more juicier internet business models.t

Why teach what I have not done? I guess some folks do it, but not me bro. That would be like a blind sheep leading others. Disaster I must say.


I have tried fiverr…and made thousands of dollars. Frankly, I didn’t even find it hard getting traffic. In fact, I didn’t even do anything about traffic. Fiverr traffic found me!

But how?

With what I will show you in the video tutorials I have been working on, you will be able to make some sales within the first 24 hours. This videos will be made available to you soon. Making money online in Nigeria from fiverr within the first 24 hours is not a guarantee though, but it happened with all of my accounts. You just have to follow EXACTLY what I teach in the video tutorials because it sure does work.

I tried out this system as a way of helping out my students, and it works like mad.

It will not make you a millionaire, but you will sure make some income and if you really give it some time as a way of starting off in the IM world, you could bring in up to $3000 monthly, no matter what services you choose to render; as long as the services add value to lives.

Your services must be GENUINE though. I can’t emphasize this enough.

Making Money Online In Nigeria From Fiverr – What Is This Business Model All about?

making money online from fiverrWell, this internet business model is all about offering services which starts at a basic $5. Sounds insignificant…right. But here is the deal. Such minute amount could easily run into $100+ for a single gig….and you get to earn daily as you progress and do things right.

Take for instance, one of the gigs I offer at fiverr lands between $200 – $500 depending on what the client needs and takes me about two hours to complete. I am talking about my landing page gig here. That’s not bad if you are just starting off.

So how do you cash in on this business model?

Good news here!!

I have got it all finely laid out in a video series which will be available in our YouTube channel presently.  You will be able to download some of these videos for free.

No strings attached.

In the downloads, you will discover how to tweak your gig for fast rate traffic. You will discover how to open a fiverr account the right way, and see why many folks don’t make a dime online when using fiverr as an online income source. Even if you don’t know anything about fiverr, these videos should get you going in no time.

While I could easily charge some cash for these video series, you will be getting it FREE as a visitor to this site….or subscriber to our Youtube Channel.

I am already hard on the video and they will be available soon.

No worries.

The basic videos will be free for all visitors to download and start making money online in Nigeria while the Advanced Video Series will go for a discounted price.

Catch you real soon!

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  1. Good morning sir. I’m one of the beneficiary of your last seminar at OAU campus. I bought one of your books titled “Legitimate Online Income” I’ve read through and I really appreciate your relentless effort in making Nigerian youths to be financially okay. Sir, one of the online businesses I choose to do is “Fiverr” but my restriction has major on the way to “Create quality Backlinks to any website” Please sir help me with this by explaining to me in detail so that I can start the business.

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