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How To Make Money Online As a Customer Care Representative – Customer Care Jobs

Customer care job is one cool way you can make money online by working as a customer care representative doing customer care jobs for big brands.

This is a very nice way of picking up a few hundred dollars monthly online, and many people seems not to be aware that you can actually be an online customer care representative for big brands like Samsung, WordPress, Microsoft, and a host of others.

In this article, I will be showing you everything you need to know to get this online job working for you, and maybe earn your first few hundred dollars online.

customer care job

This job is really good as it is not tasking at all, and if you follow the tips I will reveal in this article and the accompanying videos, I have no doubt that you should be able to make it work for you.

So, without much ado, lets get it started already.

What Are Customer Care Jobs and How Does It Work?

For a brick-and-mortar business, there is always someone or some persons that attend to customers questions and challenges.

For instance, there is the customer care department for most telecom firms that attend to all issues that customers have without the customer having to visit the office in person.

Those customer care representatives oftentimes stay in the company’s office; the normal 9-5 white collar jobs.

However, for the online customer care jobs, the customer care representative doesn’t need to g to the office before attending to customers questions and issues. They do it online, and provide solutions to any problem the client or customer might have.

Even before the covid-19 outbreak, companies where already inculcating online customer care roles into their business, and this became even more evident and pronounced during the lockdown and post-pandemic with minimum contact needed.

What top brands now do is that they contract these job roles to non-staff of the companies.

This favors them as:

  • They spend less
  • They can employ more hands in different countries
  • They don’t need to rent an office
  • They don’t need conduct extensive and time-consuming interviews.

The availability of online customer care jobs has created loads of job opportunities for those in developing countries like Nigeria. While those in developing countries might find the pay package for those jobs attractive, it is dismal for those in developed countries.

For customer care jobs that are available online, you will need to go through an online third party known as

Now, if you visit, you will not fid any sign up link as its not evident on the website. It is actually hidden, but I will be revealing the links presently.

It is important that you know the following facts about

  • Highly competitive
  • Very high paying
  • You work through as they are the middleman
  • The application could take a while to get approved
  • Better ratings mean more jobs; so, the jobs you get will be based on how you are rated.
  • They have a hidden sign up link as below:
  • You don’t need to have knowledge of these companies to apply. Anyone can do the jobs.
  • To get the Customer Care Jobs, you will need to take a test.
  • Once you get the job, you can be sure of at least $200 monthly from answering customers questions as long as you are up and doing.

I have explained the above point in more details in the videos attached to this article. Make sure you watch the videos to get a better hang of the platform.

Signing Up and Taking The Customer Care Job Tests

Signing up with the top brands as an online customer care representative is not a big deal once you have access to the hidden sign up links, and I advise that you sign up with a couple of the brands to have access to continual jobs.

Just click on the jobs you are interested in using the links below.



CD Baby (you must be a current CD Baby Artist):




Microsoft Community – Office, Windows, Outlook, Skype (French, German, Italian for Office and Windows):

Note: you must have a Microsoft Community profile in order to apply

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft Xbox (English, French, German, Italian)



Rockstar Games: 

Samsung Note 4 (It is recommended you have access to a Note 4 device):

Samsung Note 5 (It is recommended you have access to a Note 5 device):

Samsung Note 8 (It is recommended you have access to a Note 8 device):

Samsung Note 9 (It is recommended you have access to a Note 9 device):

Samsung S5 (It is recommended you have access to an S5 device):

Samsung S6 (It is recommended you have access to an S6 device):

Samsung S7 (It is recommended you have access to an S7 device):

Samsung S8 (It is recommended you have access to an S8 device):

Samsung S9 (It is recommended you have access to an S9 device):

Samsung S10 (It is recommended you have access to an S10 device):

Samsung Wearables (It is recommended you have access to a Samsung wearable device):

League of Legends (Riot Games)

You should note the following point about signing up and taking the tests.

  • Go to google to search out the questions as well as their SUPPORT / FAQ / FORUM section. Make sure you answer them correctly.
  • You can get approved in hours, or it might take some days or a week. it all depends on their NEEDS at the time of your applying.
  • Some of the networks require you to have a VALID ID CARD, such as Drivers license, National ID, or international ID card. Have any of these on standby before applying for any of the jobs in case they need it.
  • Make sure your phone is good or you have a good laptop as the job has a dashboard more of like sending emails. Your answers are going to be coming in the form of sent emails to customers questions.
  • You can apply to as many networks as possible, though Microsoft tends to pay the highest.
  • After you first application is accepted, you won’t need to sign up with before applying for any of the other networks anymore. You will use same directly account.

Mistakes That Could Cost You The Job And How To Avoid Them

When you do get the customer care jobs, you need to deliver. Good communication skills in terms of the written words is very important as contrary to voice calls used for the normal brick and mortar business, you have to communicate with written words for these jobs.

So….keep the following facts in mind.

  • Avoid grammatical errors
  • Always stay calm and positive even when a customer is angry
  • Never ask a customer to give you a positive rating
  • No exchange of personal contacts is allowed. Stick strictly to the business at hand and in solving customers problems.
  • Questions can sometimes come from Support and Help Centers, for instance, Shopify. These are actual Support Tickets, not Forum or Community posts. So, NEVER ask a customer to contact support since they might have done so already.
  • When you can’t solve a customer’s problem, remain calm and positive, and then reroute the question to the company. There is an option for doing that in your dashboard.

Note that if you break any of the rules above, you stand the risk of getting blocked; and won’t have access to any more jobs.

The networks that accept you will give you proper orientation that covers their job ethics. That’s the Dos and DONTs.

However, if it so happens that you get BLOCKED for non-compliance, then take the following steps:

  1. Read carefully why you were blocked. You will see the reason why on your dashboard
  2. Write a simple appeal to them, of not more than 300 words. Then wait for their reply.

Chances are that you will get reinstated.

How To Increase Your Ratings Without Asking For It

Customer care jobs is all about ratings, and with more ratings you get access to more jobs, which means more income; and you also get to remain in the company. Bad reports or rating is a sure way of getting kicked out or dismissed.

Let me show you how to increase your ratings to get more jobs.

  • Provide accurate and helpful advice
  • Use a helpful looking, friendly and beautiful picture of your face. This helps with a better customer engagement.
  • Provide good spellings and grammar
  • Be very sure of your answer before responding. Be 100% sure. So some research where needed.
  • Go the extra mile in resolving customers issues

The information in this training has helped people like yourself in securing customer care jobs, and they are making good pay from it.

All you need do after going through this article and watching the videos is to take some ACTION.


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