get a free US address in nigeria

How To Get a Free US Address Legally For Your Business Transactions

You have hidden your identity online and you have succeeded with getting a foreign free number for your calls.


All seems to be going well, except when a really paranoid client asks for where you are staying or where to send a package to…that is, your office or residential address.


How do we solve this?

It’s actually very easy as you will see soon enough.

There are a couple of reasons why you would want to get a foreign address for your online transactions.

For one, it gives an international presence especially if you are resident in Nigeria, making it appear as if you have branches outside the country for your business. These are virtual offices and many firms do this to create a more professional image

Also, your clients who have your foreign number will feel more at ease knowing that you have a place of abode, or an office in the UK / US.

Additionally, you can use such an address to receive goods from websites or shops that wouldn’t normally ship to Nigeria. All you need do is ship to your foreign address and then have the products or goods forwarded to you.

Let me show you how to get a free foreign US address for your online businesses. – The Best and Most Reliable Source of Virtual US Address

With more than 14 years in the business, is not only reliable, but recommended by PayPal itself.

I can recommend this site with full confidence that you won’t go wrong with them. The US address given to you can be used for shopping in the US, receiving packages and mails, as well as other business needs.

Best of all, it’s TOTALLY FREE!

You would need, however, to pay for the costs of any of your mails or goods being shipped to you.

All you need do is visit

How To Get a Free US Address Legally For Your Business Transactions 2

Click on the GET YOUR FREE US ADDRESS button on the screen shot above and you will be directed to the screen below. Fill the form.

How To Get a Free US Address Legally For Your Business Transactions 4

You are done.

Easy peasy!


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