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Generating Good Business Ideas – Tips and Guide

Multi-million dollar companies have been built just from a simple idea. In fact, most Fortune 500 firms cropped up just from a singular idea. Good business ideas rule the corporate world.

What then is an idea?

An idea can be seen as an opportunity that surfaces in your subconscious mind and can then be exploited to create something meaningful or of great value; and with regard to our topic here, a business idea can be seen as a business opportunity that comes with the possibility of bringing something of value to the end users – consumers.

Good solid business ideas don’t come often, but there are steps and tips that can be taken to aid in generating them. That is the purpose of this article.

Let’s get started then.

Steps to Generating Business Ideas

According to the online Pandecta Magazine (2009), the best place to use in generating business ideas is your head. This is quite true and straight to the point. Sure, there are other ways, but your head far surpasses every other means. You must have heard that there is nothing like a good head on a shoulder. This is very true when it comes to generating business ideas.

That being said, there are other available and practical ways that you could use in generating business ideas and that is the purpose of this article piece.


Quoting Francis Bacon, “Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.” This is so true. Reading magazines, journals, books or any other meaningful write ups can help with triggering ideas. It is good to read all genres of books as this could help with generating solid business ideas.

However, as such ideas crops into the head, it pays to write them down immediately. This will help with recalling them later on. A book should be made available just for writing down such ideas as they crop up.

Taking a walk around the neighborhood

Taking a walk around the neighborhood does help with keeping you fit and prim. However, such solitary walks could also serve another purpose; it could serve as a means of generating good and solid business ideas.

Taking walks around the neighborhood exposes the needs of the people around you; thus exposing their needs to you as well as the conditions of the environment. This avails you of the opportunity to see the needs of those around you and thus tailor a business idea to meet such needs. It could be an online or offline idea.

Productive dialogue

Engaging in meaning and productive dialogue with neighbors, friends and relations could help with generating business ideas. I am not talking about heated arguments here that often leads to fists or mundane gossips that end up sucking up your productive powers.

Meaningful discussions helps you with seeing the needs of those around you, and tailoring a business idea that could help solve or meet such needs, and making you loads of cash in the long run.

Listening to good speeches

Listening to good speeches is invigorating and are also sure means of generating good business ideas. It is thus advisable to attend good functions, seminars and workshops where you meet good speakers who motivate you. It’s not just attending such functions that’s the big deal, but paying attention to what is being said that helps with generating business ideas.

You never can tell what business idea will drop into your subconscious just by listening to a good speaker talk.

Meditation and productive thinking

Meditation does a lot of good things to the body and mind, and is a good way of tapping into the power of the subconscious mind and picking a solid business idea from the thousands of ideas that fly through the mind un-noticed daily.

Meditation is good for business idea generation. Period. It should be done alone and in a quiet place. Some persons prefer playing cool music like classicals while others prefer absolute quietness. The thing is that it should enable you to tap into the power of your subconscious mind and pick up a business idea.

You have seen how you could generate good business ideas. I have employed all the above means continually both for my online and offline businesses and I still do. A good business idea could make the difference between success and failure in a business venture, and thus should not be neglected.

Wishing you the very best in all your business ventures.

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