Generating free traffic to your website easily and converting that same traffic to returning visitors is the dream of every webmaster; but it is no easy task. The success of most websites depends a lot on not just traffic but on returning visitors that have the propensity of being converted into sales.

This is because as the visitors frequent the site, a kind of trust and rapport is built by the visitors. The issue of credibility is soon taken care of as the visitor comes to terms with the site and its management.generating website traffic

Without an iota of doubt, returning traffic or visitors is the soul of any website. No website can actually succeed without the impact of returning visitors.

In this article, I will showcase some easy ways of generating free traffic to your site and converting such traffic to returning visitors. These tips might seem commonplace but if you put your heart to it, they will sure aid your success in the area of traffic.

Here we go!

Sure Tips To Generating Free Traffic To Your Website

  • Consider starting a forum, chat room or shout out

A forum, chat room or shout out not only give the visitors room to voice their opinions but also create an environment where they can interact with one another. Generally, as the visitors interact with each other and build a relationship, this will give room for the visitors to want to repeat the site again and again. They will religiously visit the site on a daily basis.

  • Include a blog in your site

Adding a blog to your site is an easy thing and shows that there is a real person behind the site. The blog should be updated with events and latest news about yourself. You visitors will then come to know that the site is actually alive. Constant updated news on your blog have a positive psychological effect on your visitors and is sure to keep them returning to your site.

  • Consider adding polls and surveys

Adding polls and surveys have the propensity of not only generating traffic to your site but keeping the traffic as well. Polls and surveys; being a form of interaction provide a means for visitors to air their views and opinions as well as getting involved with the site. However, the polls and surveys provided must be relevant to the target market of the site so as to keep them interested.

  • Hold puzzles, quizzes and games

A lot of persons have free time and lazy hours in the office. Guess what most of them use such time for? They spend such times solving puzzle and quizzes and playing games online. If you include puzzles, games and quizzes in your site, you can be sure of returning visitors. It is a good and smart way to generating and retaining good traffic to your site. You could make it more fun by giving awards to winners of competitions you organize in your site.

  • Add new and valuable content frequently

You must have heard it being shouted everywhere that content is king. Well, that is true but for your content (that’s website contents now) to remain on the throne as a king, it has to be frequently updated with fresh content. This will keep your visitors coming back as you always have something to give out. However, most webmasters are lazy or don’t have the time and means to continually add content to their site. If your site parades outdated content of years and years back, no one would like to browse your site. Always keep your content fresh and updated; and traffic will sure come your way.

  • Add video to your articles

Videos are the craze now; and every marketing worth its onions is into one form of video marketing or the other. The fact is, videos work and when you add it to an article, it’s a sure means of generating free traffic. Videos are easier to rank and with YouTube live streaming, getting index becomes faster, thus cashing in on the huge traffic from the most visited video site in the world.

  • Be active in social media networks

Being active in social media networks can drive an insane amount of traffic to any website. Its not just posting a link or opening an account with a social media network but actually being actively involved and contributing. Social media network traffic is powerful and also free, and is also a solid ranking signal right now.

  • Give away a valuable free stuff

Free download websites are very popular and highly visited, the main reason being that people love free stuffs; especially valuable and free stuffs. If you offer a valuable free product in your site or post, all things being equal, you will generate free traffic to that site or web page. This becomes even more powerful if visitors come to believe that there will always be some free valuable stuff to access from your website.

  • Press release

Doing Press Releases is also an insane way of driving immediate high traffic to a website anytime any day. When done right, it not only drives traffic but could also be used to get good sales as well as build a list. While there are a host of free press release websites, more success can be achieved by using a paid press release.

The above are just some of the ways one could use to generate free traffic to any website and retain such traffic. While I have only pinched each of the means of generating free traffic, more research can be carried out on them as there is a lot that can be achieved in terms of traffic generation from all of the above.

Combining two or more of the above, or all of them could result in a tsunami of traffic to any website.

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