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Paid Article Writing Jobs – Making Money Online From Article Writing

Article writing as a way of making some additional income online is one internet business model that will not be leaving the IM niche anytime soon. No matter the business model you are involved in online, you are going to need to provide content in one form or the other.

So, if you are skilled with writing great content then you are going to be loaded with jobs coming your way from all corners. I say this because I have been there. Though most persons would outsource their content, I write like 80% of the content for all my money sites. The other 20% or so are written by company staff. I outsource for themed blog sites, however, but make sure they are original and reasonably good content.

How do I do it; despite the loads of things I do online and offline? Beats me; but I guess I am just passionate about what I do and write about.

In the course of on-going trainings in this site, we are going to be delving into some advanced ways of making money online that would require you making some investments. That’s a fact and no need beating about the bush. I invest loads of cash monthly in keeping my IM Empire, and there will come a time when you will do this too.

Advanced doesn’t mean complicated. I think I should point this out now.

However, I am putting this out especially for newbies that are just starting off online and need to make some real cash fast; and to prove that money can be indeed made online. If you give your article writing career time, you could easily be making $1000 – $2000 every single month. I am not joking here. This is for real. I wouldn’t be telling you this if it were not true; say just to hype you up.

You can in fact make a living online writing just articles even if you have never written professionally before now; as long as you have the innate skills and you are ready to polish them up. It may take you some time putting your first article up, but you soon get the hang of it and could put up a 700-word article really fast. I will show you how you can get this done soon enough.

How To Get Started With Article Writing Jobs

Now, I am going to assume that you have never done any kind of paid writing before reading this article; but you believe you have got the skills to get started.

Are we good on this?

If that is settled, how do you get started with article writing? How do you get writing a piece if you do happen to land a writing gig?

Well, the answer would be you get writing? Sounds simple…right? Yeah….because it’s just that simple.

Assuming you get a writing gig from fiverr or any other paid platform I will be listing towards the end of this article, the first thing you would want to do is carry out proper research on the topic.

  • Research

This would mean going online to get more info on what you are writing about. There is no article job you will get that has not been written before, or that you won’t find some info about online. What you do is pick out the first 3 on the first page of, say, Google. Read it up and jot some points out on a note book. Don’t copy and paste, then edit as some folks do! You will end up with a plagiarised article, and you don’t want this with your article writing jobs. This are the bad eggs that tarnish the image of good writers. Remember that you need to deliver great service…and that starts with originality.

  • Write Naturally and Take Note of Keywords

There is a reason why the articles you choose are on the first page of Google. They were optimized for related keywords. Now, I won’t be dwelling on keywords in this piece. That will come later in the SEO and Website Optimization category.

Write naturally and flowingly, using points you jotted down earlier. This would ensure that your work is original and free from plagiarism. Don’t write as if you are holding a ceremonial lecture and bore your readers to death. Let your work have life in it.

There is nothing that sucks more than a re-hashed article. You would lose clients fast if you do this.

  • Proof Read Your Work

If you don’t know what proof-reading means, then you probably have no business with article writing. Go through your article again and again, to ensure that you have an article that is free from grammatical and syntax errors. You need not be an Emeritus or Professor to do this.

  • Deliver Your Job In Time

Once done, deliver your job fast. You could make your clients happier by adding an anchor text section and keyword section. This is called over-delivering; and it will sweeten their heart and give room for repeat jobs.

If you are good, you won’t lack for writing gigs. You could begin small by charging $10 for 700 – 800 words; or $5 for 400 words. You will still end up earning up to $1500 monthly if you are good and have clients knocking on your door.

List of Websites For Article Writing Jobs

There hoards of articles online about paid article writing websites. You can google it up yourself. However, I will add a handful of websites that could get you going; and where you can get repeat customers if you get your groove on.


I have written an article previously on earning income online from fiverr…and all the nitty-gritty on getting on with it. If you choose to offer article writing services in fiverr, then you are set on a sure part of income. Truth is, there are thousands of people offering this same service, but most are not that good. All you need is get one client, and get a review and you can set the ball rolling.

Also, you can use the buyers request section to bid and get clients daily. You just need to know how to roll with this platform, and believe me, you will have hoards of jobs rolling down your way.


I probably shouldn’t be talking about knoji here, but they did pay well when I was working with them; and I have still got more than 200 articles that fetches me some insignificant recurring income monthly with them.

The reason why I don’t really want to talk about them is that I have not written an article there in a very long while, but the good thing is that they pay; especially if you get accepted as a Staff Reviewer. These are writers that earn higher income for writing review articles.

The pay-out is big here if you pass the test they will give to you, you get to write sample article; 3 as at when I was there, and if you scale through you get to be a reviewer.

If you are a good writer, you won’t have any issue here. I scaled mine with flying colours. I like checking out these article sites because of my students. When I get first-hand experience with these sites, I know which of them are really worth it.

And remember to add your paypal account when you have written some articles. I didn’t add mine on an occasion and missed out on payment of more than $80. I wrote and wrote to them, but till date I never received that cash. I just thought I should let you know this. Other than this experience, they are good guys.


This is another good platform that you should definitely check out, and they pay. I have also been with this site, and though I didn’t make that much from here, they are also good to start with. The only thing is that you have to build a reputation here for yourself. Once this is done right, you will have your own clients that always rely on you.

All the sites listed here are free to register with. However, to get access to juicer articles at you are required to pay a certain amount and go through a screening program. Cool if you have got the money and are sure of your writing skills, but only if you want higher and faster earnings. If you are a good writer, you will make the investment back in no time.

Do you have experience with article writing websites not discussed here, or with any of the above sites? Please drop your experience in the comment section so we can all benefit from it.

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