There are some common website mistakes that drives away customers , and if you run a website / blog for the main reason of making some money online or you run an online business as a sole source of income or livelihood, then you might want to look into some mistakes or blunders that some website owners make that drives away customers.

Right from the outset of designing your site, you ought to put some thought into the design of your website and after design also look into how content is delivered.

Your customers will not pardon you for noticeable typos in your content nor for slow loading pages, especially for an e-commerce site that have lots of visual contents like images or for a cluttered up navigation.

Let’s have a look a look at some common website mistakes that drives away customers and tips on rectifying them.

Mistake #1: The Contact Information

Failure to include your contact information like phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and physical address could scare away your customers. There are lots of scams online these days, and customers want to be sure they are dealing with a real and trusted entity. Also, they want to be sure they can contact you if the need does arise.

Mistake #2: The Issue of Poor Organization

A disorganized messy website would tire out your customers. All navigation buttons and links should be well shown. You could even include subheadings to make it more clarified. Hello dear, you would want to make your esteemed customers to wait their life out now, would you?

Mistake #3: The Checkout System

Make the checkout process straightforward and easy. Too many times people get to the checkout and it is difficult, asks for a lot of unnecessary information, and generally takes longer than the customer wants to spend buying the product. As a result, the potential customer leaves your site to buy elsewhere. Don’t let this happen to you; make your checkout fast and easy!

Mistake #4: Typographical Errors

Typographical errors are typical website mistakes that could drive away customers. If typos are found in your site, your customers are going to consider the site the work of a novice; not a professional who is trying to make a living. This will make your customers not to take you serious since you are not serious with your own site.

Mistake #5: Hidden Information

It is a serious mistake for you to hide information in your site; whether deliberately or unknowingly. All navigations and information must be obvious to customers.

Mistake #6: Demanding for Personal Information

Asking for personal information from customers; especially where there is no use for such is bound to drive them away. When customers visit your site to buy a given product only to be taken to the check out page to face interrogations is not welcoming at all. Such customers will leave and visit less interrogative sites that ask less personal information.

Mistake #7: Having Too Many Forms

Let your watchword be “keep it really simple”. If you run a forum or you are asking for memberships, checkouts, or anything that requires information, minimize the number of forms. It is left of you to figure out the exact relevant information that would be necessary and keep it so; short and sweet.

Mistake #8: Lack of Focus

An unfocused website is a big website mistake that could drive away customers. The objective and focus of your website should be obvious to all visitors. Make sure the focus of your site is obvious and clear from the first page of your site and throughout.

The above are common website mistakes that drives away customers, and as you design your website(s), it is good to take good note of all these. Even if you already have a website, and you notice them (or some of these common mistakes), you could start making the needed changes.

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