Common Website Mistakes That Reduce Traffic and Solutions

7 Common Website Mistakes That Reduce Traffic and Solutions

Constant website traffic and returning visitors is the dream of every website owner. Though webmasters dream and desire such constant and returning traffic, very few actually ever realize such targets.

The reason is not because they don’t put in adequate efforts but because of some common website mistakes that reduce traffic which they are making. Such mistakes not only affect traffic but sales and website ranking and reputation as well.

In this article, I will show you the most common website mistakes that reduce traffic for any given site.

Common Website Mistakes That Reduce Traffic and Solutions

  • Putting up an ‘under construction sign’

This is one website mistakes that site owners continually make. I remember I made the same mistake years back; that was my early days in running a site. Aside showing that you are a newbie in the business, it showcases an unprofessional look. If you know that your site is not yet ready, there is no need putting it up.

  • Using visitor counters

There are still many sites that use visitor’s counters. This is totally not cool when you are interested in good and returning traffic. Visitor’s counters are often viewed by visitors as being unreal if the statistics is too high and when too low could drain the moral of visitors. If the true aim of using a visitor’s counter is to find out the actual numbers of daily visitors, you could do this through your Cpanel.

  • Overly use of technology

Using new technology could be really cool but they tend to distract website visitors. Flashy animations; beautiful annoying pop-ups; attractive games and unsolicited lengthy subscriptions could chase away your customers for life.

  • Using passive verbs

Using active verbs and active sentences when writing your web copy is the best choice. Avoid passive verbs when writing web copies and make your website more conversational. This tends to lend more vibe, power and energy to your website.

  • Long sentences

You must avoid using overly lengthy sentences when writing your web copies. They are both annoying and tedious to read. Most visitors want to make it snappy and get to the juice of what you have to offer. It is always a good idea to keep your sentences short and easy to read so that it becomes easy to retain.

  • Writing lengthy pages

Always keep your pages brief, conversational and concise. Keeping lengthy pages will only get people bored. If what you have to offer will run into a very lengthy script, then its best to break it down into several short pages and connect them with good navigation.

There are however, instances where lengthy pages pay off as you must have noticed with our content in this site, but in cases keep your pages brief and direct.

  • Failing to promote your site

Once you have built your site and loaded it with good content, the next thing would be to promote it. Not promoting your site is also a major website mistakes that reduce traffic. What good is a website that is well-packaged, designed and loaded with content if visitors are not aware of it.

Website promotion is one way of driving visitors to your site. If you fail to do this, you might experience minimal visitations or no traffic at all.

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